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Globalink Inc.
Connecting Your World

Using the latest Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) technology to make the world a smaller place!

What is VoIP?

Globalink Inc Team

We work hard for your business by providing custom services that can help you succeed. We understand that technology should assist and not hinder your business objectives. Globalink Inc. provides technical consulting, engineering and system design services in addition to various hosted services. Our programmers can also help customize your web applications to meet your needs. Our web designers and graphics team can create custom websites for you as well. Our marketing experts can help market your website. There are many facets to the Information Technology business and we try hard to help make it all work together for you. 

Our basic online ticketing support is available to all resellers. Chat support is available after tickets have been submitted and issues cannot be resolved via ticket.

Please note the support plan fees available for each reseller package here.

If you need your own private label tech support branded under your own company name, we  can setup this up for you under the reseller enterprise plan only. You will need to discuss this with your Customer Account Manager (CAM).

Globalink Managed VoIP Tech Support Services
Engineering Services
Sometimes you may need our expertise in setting up your VoIP buiness in your local country with local gateway equipment and custom setup. Our consulting and engineering services are $99 per hour. 
Globalink Services

Web Design and Hosting Services

Whether you need to register a domain name, or get web hosting services for you website, you can do it yourself online via Genesis Tech Inc. 
We provide personalized managed hosting and web design services via our Globalink Web Hosting Service or budget hosting via our sister corporation Genesis Tech.  

Custom web design and logo design etc is $49 per hour or we can give you a bid upfront. Our regular programming and web application development services are $99 per hour or we bid by project. Porta Billing VoIP Switch Soap Programming is at $99 per hour.

VoIP Reseller Services (Our basic online ticketing support is available to all resellers)

Our VoIP reseller services include everything from Custom Support Plans to custom work done on your voip soft switch. Our rates are $49 per hour or you can purchase prepaid blocks of time.


PREPAID HOURS for custom support services

10 hours $480. 
20 hours $940
30 hours $1380
40 hours $1800

If work done takes less than 30 minutes, we will bill you 0.5 of the hour. Our billing for resellers on our prepaid custom support plan are in 0.5 hour increments. 

Custom services include setting up of custom tariff plans after initial setup, custom subcription/discount plans, invoice template setup, merchant services setup etc. 

For more advanced engineering services such as configuring voip gateways, our engineering rates are $99 per hour.

We have an extensive knowledgebase and we are adding online flash tutorials. However if you need one to one custom training on select topics via web conferencing, we charge $49 per hour as needed. 

We bill $49 per custom incident support for non-prepaid customers after initial setup is complete upon your approval.

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing Services
Globalink Reseller Support
Have you ever wondered how many people visit your website, which pages they visit most, how long they stay at your site, or what other website sent them to your site? For custom marketing services, we charge $49 per hour or we can give you a bid on the project.

Great information:  In case you missed it when you filled out our contact form, see this helpful page for lots of important information for prospective resellers:


Globalink VoIP Sales

For Fastest Service:  We can serve you most efficiently via our ticketing system.  Resellers and prospective resellers can reach us at Our Help Desk  and direct it to the Reseller Department  

Globalink Support

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